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Monthly Archives: March 2018


How to make Pasta at Home – Confetti Spaghetti

Don’t buy store bought pasta ever again.  Trust me.  Making it yourself is so much better, and it really doesn’t take a lot of time or effort.  If you have a pasta roller machine or a Kitchenaid mixer, all the better.  You can make just enough pasta for one meal, or make up a big ball of dough and freeze it, or… make a pile […]

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How to Make Lemon Extract

What is an Extract? As per Wikipedia, an Extract is a substance made by extracting a part of a raw material, often by using a solvent. Look at us, learning things. Also I was somehow right and wrong at the same time with the information I shared in my video. Apparently there are FOUR, not three techniques for obtaining natural essences: Expression, Absorption, Maceration and […]

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How to Make Water Kefir – AKA Fauxda

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How to Make Essential Oils – Part 2 – We have a Winner, sort of

We have a winner! Sort of…. Here is the comparison of our two test subjects: The steeped method and the cooking method. There were surprises and disappointments and many things to be learned. The video shows how sad I was as my hopes were crashed upon the cliffs of defeat. No, I am joking. I wasn’t as disappointed that the easy peasy steeping method didn’t […]

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How to Make Cold Brew Coffee – Part Two – The Grind and Brew

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How to make Cold Brew Coffee – Part One – Roasting the Beans

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How to Make Essential Oils – We Test Two Methods

Essential Oils- A Test of Two Methods I want to make essential oils at home but I have a dilemma. Distilling is illegal. Sure there is a gray area where essential oils are concerned, but seeing that the method for distilling is basically the same and uses the same set up regardless of what the intended final product is, we felt it better to play […]

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I taste my homebrew versus a commercial Beer

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Got a Vampire problem? Want to learn how to grow garlic?

Growing garlic at home is not only a surprisingly fun and inexpensive way to have a nearly endless supply of garlic available to you but also a way to have more control of the quality of food that you eat.  Here at City Steading we are always looking for ways to improve our way of life, be it through creating a more active lifestyle or […]

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How to properly harvest and trim your herbs.

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