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Monthly Archives: March 2018


Derica talks Dirty… err… dirt, yep, she talks about dirt for your garden!

It’s just dirt, right? Well yes, and no.  You see plants need many things that “just dirt” may not be able to provide.  Growing seeds have different requirements than mature plants.  Different mature plants even […]


How to make amazingly simple no knead bread.

Won’t even get your hands dirty.


New Stuff in the Garden!


Making Milk Kefir: How to get rid of Acid Reflux!

Here’s how it all started… MILK KEFIR!  Yes, it’s spoiled milk, get over it.  It’s good for you, and it got rid of my acid reflux!


A walkabout of our Garden: Introduction to City Steading

 Walkabout in the Garden Join Brian as he takes a walk around our City Steading backyard, showing our new raised planting beds, and some of the plants we have growing. Thanks for watching!