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Monthly Archives: April 2018


Compost, because a rind is a terrible thing to waste

So what’s the scoop on composting?  Glad you asked! Compost is a great way for home gardeners to add nutrients back into the soil.  It also keeps what you compost out of landfills where it won’t even properly degrade due to how landfills are constructed.  When organic waste decomposes in a landfill, it does so in an environment with no oxygen.  Thus, anaerobic bacteria do […]

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How to Make a Super Simple Cyser – AKA Apple Mead

In today’s video I attempt to make a thousand year old drink in under 5 minutes.  I fail.  It took 11. Want to know how to make a Cyser?  Not sure what a Cyser is? Well, there’s mead, you know, Vikings, Egyptians, and pretty much all of our ancestors loved this stuff.  It’s a fermented alcoholic beverage made from honey.  Well, honey, water and yeast, […]

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Monday Morning, what to do first?

As the title suggests, it’s Monday morning, the bane of every 9 to 5’er’s existence.  The day the work week begins and life ends.  Well, living life, instead of being under the bootheel of Big Corp America and a boss who likely knows less about your job than you do, yet earns a higher income.  I digress. It’s Monday. Mondays are an unusual day in […]

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We have a Store!

Yes, we began offering the products you see us use in our videos and some other useful things.  We are pretty picky about what we offer, and scrutinize reviews and other information before we buy something, so you know if we’re offering it for sale, it must be good.  There’s only a few items available right now, and our store is linked directly to Amazon so […]

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April 2018 Walkabout of the Garden

It’s that time, our monthly video update of the garden. So much more green!  A lot has changed, new plants, lots of sprouting, and chickens! We’ve added about 20 large pots to the gardening area, and included more vegetables, like yellow zucchini, spaghetti squash, more spinach, more bush beans, peas, lots of peas, more peppers, and more tomatoes!  We’re hoping for a great crop in […]

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