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Monthly Archives: June 2019


Oxo Food Mill

Our new Favorite Kitchen Toy!  Yeah yeah, you might not think it’s the sexiest thing going, but OMG we love it! Click to purchase this item on Amazon! If you didn’t see the video on YouTube, here’s a link to our experiences with this product:  https://youtu.be/pY9WbrpZTRM

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City Steading Podcast! Episode 1

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Metric vs Imperial, what should I use?

First, it’s simple.  If you live in a place where everyone uses the metric system, you’re likely going to use that.  If you live in a place that -still- uses the Imperial System, you’re stuck using that.  That’s right, I said stuck. Here’s the thing, we live in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA.  Our country uses the Imperial Measuring System about 90% of the time, and […]

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