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We did a thing…

Yes, we split the Channel. We had to do it. YouTube’s algorithm was not playing nice. Now if you like our Brewing, watch that here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqgnJOZ4ity3nQL_xe_hGYg/ And if you like our Cooking, watch those here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqjTeB88zqdwT69gdNC-UXw?view_as=subscriber If you like both? Subscribe to both! We’d love that! The Facebook Group, this Website, and everything else is still remaining as is, meaning not splitting! Thanks as always […]

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Videos to keep an eye out for!

Okay… we have some ideas, and y’all been askin’ for a lot! While we can’t promise to do everything you ask for, we DO want to try! Somethings coming up in the next few weeks in no particular order! Bourbon Bochet Mead Pizza – yes, from scratch, how else do you do it? Yogurt Root Beer Ginger Beer Black Sack Mead Sandwich Bread -never get […]

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Times they are a’changing.

It had to happen.  We started having trouble keeping up with the blog posts.  We tried to give full write ups for all our videos, but… wow, the workload became too much! We decided an intervention was necessary.  Now the blog is the blog and we will write articles from time to time on things we feel a video wouldn’t cover properly or as an […]

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1000 Subscribers Special!

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We have a Store!

Yes, we began offering the products you see us use in our videos and some other useful things.  We are pretty picky about what we offer, and scrutinize reviews and other information before we buy something, so you know if we’re offering it for sale, it must be good.  There’s only a few items available right now, and our store is linked directly to Amazon so […]

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April 2018 Walkabout of the Garden

It’s that time, our monthly video update of the garden. So much more green!  A lot has changed, new plants, lots of sprouting, and chickens! We’ve added about 20 large pots to the gardening area, and included more vegetables, like yellow zucchini, spaghetti squash, more spinach, more bush beans, peas, lots of peas, more peppers, and more tomatoes!  We’re hoping for a great crop in […]

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New Stuff in the Garden!

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A walkabout of our Garden: Introduction to City Steading

 Walkabout in the Garden Join Brian as he takes a walk around our City Steading backyard, showing our new raised planting beds, and some of the plants we have growing. Thanks for watching!

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Day One

Hello!  And yes, I’m sorry, but we have to do the stereotypical “hey, it’s our first post” post.  Lame, I know, but you have to do these things.  So, here it is, our first post. Why. Why are we doing this?  Not the first post per se, but this entire website.  Good question.  A question that deserves a wonderful answer from someone with a lot more […]

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