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Food Goals – Not what you think!

Can I make a Cheeseburger with a side of mac-n-cheese with under 20 carbs? I don’t mean some crappy bun that isn’t bread, or some crumbly dry burger and I definitely don’t mean zoodles and cheese (though zoodles are pretty awesome). No, I mean a burger that tastes and feels like a burger on a pillowy soft bun with macaroni that tastes and feels like […]

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Channel Reboot!

No, the mead channel isn’t changing, lol. Still here? Whew. Okay, have a seat, grab a mug of mead, or a cup of coffee or tea… or dare I say.. kombucha. I’ve a story to tell. For years, I drank, smoked, ate fast food and did all the things you shouldn’t do. Over time I quit smoking, stopped eating fast food, and began cooking. I […]

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City Steading VIP Club Information

CLICK The IMAGE FOR INFORMATION ON MEMBERSHIP No, it’s not changing, so if you’re already a VIP member, you can take a deep breath and enjoy our thanks for supporting the channel! So, you may have seen some posts about our VIP Club, and you might have even seen names in the credits of our videos. Those are VIP Club members. While many of you […]

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Noodle Soup!

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Caramel Apple Bochet

How to make Mead. The Caramel Apple Bochet. Bit more going on in this mead than usual. We have caramelized honey, regular honey, cooked apples, and spices! A bochet is a cooked honey mead. so this qualifies. Then we have the Cyser portion, which is an apple mead, so this mead can have a really really long name. We decided Caramel Apple Bochet worked best […]

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Container Gardening Vegetables for Beginners

In this companion article to our video on City Steading Garden and Grow we will talk about container gardening. The specifics on how to choose and prepare containers for your garden as well as some other helpful tips and tricks will be covered. How to choose the right container Size- In this case, yes size does matter. Most often, the bigger the better. You want […]

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Whole Wheat Bread

I make a lot of bread and pasta. As in… we haven’t bought bread or pasta in years. Personally, I feel that homemade is best made, but, I know not everyone works from home or has time to do it. You should try it every now and then though, even if you can’t do it all the time. But… most of my bread is white […]

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All these Apples….

So we ordered apples for a new mead video we’re working on. Problem is, I don’t really have the right fermenter for it. So… we ordered some and now we’re waiting (wasn’t through Amazon). While we wait, those apples are… reaching their peak and beyond if you get my drift. What to do? Well… we decided on apple pie and waiting a couple more days. […]

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How to Make Mead

So you want to know how to make mead? It’s easy. Honey, water, and yeast (the yeast might already be in the honey). Done! Well, not quite. Sure, you can make mead that way, but it’s better to have a little knowledge behind you. You want to choose the right yeast for what you’re trying to do, the right amount of honey, select additions, the […]

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Organic Aphid Control at Home

Aphids, also known as greenflies or plant lice are tiny, less than 1/4″ long. They range in color from light green, black, white, brown. gray or yellow. They suck the sap of plants thus weakening and damaging them. They can also spread disease and viruses from plant to plant. They are usually found on the backs of leaves, bases of stems or on flower buds […]

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