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Fresh new Look and some news!

If you’ve been to our web site in the past, you probably notice the fresh new look as of this morning. It was time. City Steading was founded in March of 2018 and I don’t think the site changed much since then! However, the CS Universe has grown, expanded, split, expanded again and split again! We’ve also changed the way the VIP Club works. It’s […]

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How to Ruin your Wine, Cider and Mead!

Seriously… don’t do these things!

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Why Make Cast Iron Pizza?

I love pizza. Derica loves pizza. Everyone loves pizza. Don’t love pizza? You can stop reading right now as the rest of this article will be about loving pizza, but not in some weird romantic way. A real life Cast Iron Pan Pizza Okay, now that that is out of the way. Sit back, relax, close your eyes and imagine the perfect pizza. Wait… keep […]

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Sometimes, you Just need something Simple.

Brian here… I recently started an Instagram account just for me (brian_citysteading). It’s of course City Steading related since, that’s what I do. City Steading isn’t just a YouTube Channel anymore, it’s a lifestyle choice. We don’t just make videos on it, we live it, by choice and on purpose. Sometimes, it gets a bit hectic and stressful, trying to keep to a publishing schedule […]

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Tannins and Acids for Brewing

Balance and Mouth Feel Both Tannins and Acids aid greatly to the overall flavor profile of a brew. They add the “sharp” notes or “angles” to the over all “round” flavor of brews. It is important to keep all things in balance. With this in mind, if your brew is high in tannins then it would be a good idea to keep the acidity relatively […]

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Sugars (and brewing with fruit)

Fermentation Most Brewers yeast work on sucrose first, breaking it down into its glucose and fructose componets. They then consume the glucose first, followed by fructose, maltose and finally maltotriose. Of course being that they are live little beasties, they can sometimes behave differently. Most yeast strains are glucophilic, utilizing most of the glucose in the wort before consuming the other monosaccharides. They also ferment […]

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Demystifying Yeast

We did a Brew Talk on the yeasts we use to try to clear up a bit of confusion. We are often asked, “When should I add yeast? What yeast should I use? I followed your recipe exactly but used this completely different yeast instead. Why is my brew different than yours?” These are all good questions, but often challenging to answer properly without going […]

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We did a thing…

Yes, we split the Channel. We had to do it. YouTube’s algorithm was not playing nice. Now if you like our Brewing, watch that here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqgnJOZ4ity3nQL_xe_hGYg/ And if you like our Cooking, watch those here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqjTeB88zqdwT69gdNC-UXw?view_as=subscriber If you like both? Subscribe to both! We’d love that! The Facebook Group, this Website, and everything else is still remaining as is, meaning not splitting! Thanks as always […]

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“How” vs” “Why”

Our YouTube Channel is now seventeen months old. In that time, it’s had 2,283,831 views as of this writing. We have 41,421 subscribers, 22,228,620 minutes of video watched across our 153 videos. I tried to find out how many comments we’ve had, but, there’s no analytic for that. I can approximate it though, as we get about 1 comment or like per 12 views. Being […]

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Oxo Food Mill

Our new Favorite Kitchen Toy!  Yeah yeah, you might not think it’s the sexiest thing going, but OMG we love it! Click to purchase this item on Amazon! If you didn’t see the video on YouTube, here’s a link to our experiences with this product:  https://youtu.be/pY9WbrpZTRM

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