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Dried Sliced Lemongrass, used in Tom Yum and Tom Kha soups and Leamongrass Tea, Kosher (2oz.)

  • AUTHENTIC FLAVOR – Your Thai Tom Kha and Tom Yum soups, curries, and many other Indonesian, Malaysian, Sri Lankan and Indian dishes will taste exactly like they do in your favorite restaurant when you use authentic ingredients without substitusions.
  • GROWN AND DRIED IN USA: Our lemongrass is grown in Florida where the subtropical to tropical climate is ideal. The fresh lemongrass is cut and dried IN HOUSE in small batches. Cut in convenient and easy to use 2-3 inch long slices. Due to low time between harvest and sale, our lemongrass smells and tastes fresh and vibrant! No tasteless, flavorless husks to be found here!
  • ALSO CALLED: Lemongrass (also spelled Lemon grass) has a variety of names across multiple languages. HERBE DE CITRON (French), ZITRONENGRAS (German), ERBA DI LIMONE (Italian), HIERBA DE LIMON (Spanish), BHUSTRINA (Sanskrit), SEREH (Indonesian), BAI MAK NAO (Lao), SERAI (Malaysian) all refer to this wonderfully aromatic spice. Even in English lemongrass is called GERANIUM GRASS, COCHIN GRASS, CITRONELLA GRASS, BARBED WIRE GRASS and many more.
  • 100% PURE 100% SATISFACTION – no additives. You will be completely satisfied with your purchase or you may contact us for a complete refund.
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