Everyone likes stickers, right? So why not share your love of City Steading in sticker form?  Our stickers are custom designed.  They are fully opaque, durable vinyl, offer bubble-free application and are die cut.

My brother and I both had “sticker albums” as kids.  So yes, my love for stickers is long standing.  I decorated so many things with stickers that whenever I see a sticker in an unexpected place I immediately get sentimental warm fuzzies.  I think I might be dating myself here.  Want to continue to geek out with me?  Sure you do!  Historians believe the first stickers may date back to ancient Egypt.  Archeologist found remains of papers that were plastered to walls in markets.  Now there is something you know.  Impress your friends with this random bit of knowledge!

Anyway, join in the admittedly odd behavior of sticker obsession and buy some of our custom designed stickers!  Decorate water bottles, skateboards, your laptop, punk out your guitar, add flare to your brewing journal, just go wild and add some fun to the mundane.  If anyone questions you, tell them it’s Derica’s fault.

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