Brewcraft Nylon Brush for 5 Gallon Carboy

  • Brush-head bent at 90 angle for efficient cleaning
  • Made of nylon
  • Dimensions: 27 inch
  • make cleaning carboys easier than ever with this durable nylon carboy brush. The delicate glass of your five-gallon carboy needs to be cleaned and Sanitized regularly, and this carboy brush is the tool you need to get the job done. It features a full 27-inch Length and non-scratching nylon brush-head with a convenient 90 bend to REACH every hard-to-reach spot in your carboy. Put this handy brush in your homebrew supplies today and you’ll be cleaning carboys like a Pro! in stock and ready to ship. Features: made of nylon. Brush-head bent at 90 to REACH all parts of carboy. Meant for 5-gallon carboys. Specs: dimensions: 27′ L. Brush, nylon for 5 gal carboys, 27 inch long, country of origin – United States, manufacturer name – Brewcraft.
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Carboy brushes are our preferred method of cleaning.  But you need a real big one like this one for 5 gallons.