Garganelli and Gnocchi Stripper Board

Eppicotispai is an Italian company located on Lago Maggiore, North of Milan; all their products are artisan made truly Italian products following their heritage and tradition. The Eppicotispai Garganelli & Gnocchi Stripper With Paddle, Natural Beechwood, Natural Beechwood, is a useful tool for making gnocchi and garganelli. Thanks to the ridges and the paddle your pasta will not only taste good but get the perfect shape of garganelli and gnocchi, enjoy the infinite shapes of homemade pasta! Buon Appetito!. Garganelli is a type of pasta typically from the region of Emilia Romagna, it is formed by rolling and folding small diamond shapes of pasta. The appearance is similar to “Penne” and the only difference is the overlap of the two edges is clearly visible, also the Garganelli dough can have a different texture to give special taste.

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Did you know that Derica absolutely loves Gnocchi?  Well, now you do.