Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Ebelskiver Turning Tools, Beechwood, 12-Inch, Set of 2

  • Mrs Anderson’s Ebelskiver turning tools for easily lifting, and gently turning, Danish pancakes known as ebelskivers
  • Made from Eastern European beechwood; won’t scratch delicate surfaces; keeps hands away from hot pans; safer than toothpicks or flatware to turn dough
  • Uniquely designed to lift, and gently turn, delicate ebelskiver pancakes while keeping them, and their delicious filling, intact
  • Doubles nicely for scoring pastry, fluting pie crust, checking cake doneness, rippling icing, reaching the bottom of a jar, and more
  • Set of 2; hand wash in warm, soapy water
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If you think eating with chopsticks is difficult, then turning Ebelskivers with these might make you rethink that.  I’m joking, mostly.