How to Make Essential Oils – Part 2 – We have a Winner, sort of

We have a winner! Sort of….

Here is the comparison of our two test subjects: The steeped method and the cooking method. There were surprises and disappointments and many things to be learned. The video shows how sad I was as my hopes were crashed upon the cliffs of defeat. No, I am joking. I wasn’t as disappointed that the easy peasy steeping method didn’t do as stellar as I wished. You see, city-steading is a learning process. Every time we do something here at city-steading we strive to learn from the experience and improve even when the outcome is a complete success.

So what did we learn?

Both methods were a success and yet both were failures. How is this possible? Well, this is mostly due to the variables that are nearly endless when dealing in the wild world of essential oils. You see, the most effective way to get the purest, most satisfying essence is from distilling. End… of… story. Is this a major bummer? Yep! But wait, I said it was a success and a failure, so where is the happy ending? Worry not my friend as there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. Both methods I tested did result with a pleasant aroma and neutral color. As my intent was to use the end product to scent beauty products and use as an insect repellant, I believe both will do just fine.

What is next?

I will keep trying out new stuff and share the process and results with you. For now I have plans to add some of the dried lavender as well as my home made lavender oil to the soap I make. This should increase the lavender scent as well as make the soap bars pretty as they will have purple lavender flowers suspended throughout, or at least that is my goal. Keep an eye out for the soon to be released “How to make bar soap at home” video and companion article.