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City Steading Brews “Score Card”

Welcome to the City Steading Brews Score Card. This is where I will do my best (with the help of Adam “The Franklin”) to keep a list of our brews and how we scored them. It is a work in progress and shall be updated as often as possible. I have the beverages grouped by type; Beer, Cider, Mead and Wine. I’ve also included information such as Bottling Date, Final ABV, Final Gravity, Carbonation, and our ratings for the overall process, initial tasting, and one year tasting. If you have any questions regarding any of our recipes or on brewing and fermenting in general, please feel free to ask on our You Tube Channel, City Steading Brews. Thank you and Happy Brewing! I hope you enjoy our City Steading Brews Score Card!

Need some gear? This guide might help you find what you need and how to get it! https://city-steading.com/gear/