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Welcome to the wonderful world of home brew!

City Steading Brews, also known as CSB, is a YouTube channel that is here to entertain you with a bit of educational material. City Steading Brews offers new releases every Sunday with occasional bonus material on Thursday.  Here Brian and Derica explore the world of brewing, share their experiences with recipes, talk in detail about specific brew related topics and give their opinion on tastings of their own creations as well as commercially made brews.  This is all done in a conversational style with a splash of humor.

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But wait! There’s more City Steading Brews to be enjoyed!

Are you hungry for more shenanigans from the dynamic duo, Brian and Derica? Then perhaps the VIP Club is right for you! The City Steading VIP Club is a premium subscription service offering four degrees of membership.  Members enjoy exclusive content through the members only Facebook group as well as live shows and member only videos.  See what is happening behind the curtain.  Get to know Brian and Derica on a more personal, unfiltered manner and perhaps even meet the cats.  Who knows what you will see as a VIP.

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What can I find on City Steading Brews?

We have tons of useful information on this website. Need some hard to find equipment? We most likely have it included on our Brew Gear page or in our Store! Want to share your CSB pride? Check out our custom designed Merch! Make sure to also check out our blog as we share not only posts including our start to finish “how to brew” videos, but brew related articles and news as well.