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The City Steading Universe

City Steading is an “Edutainment” company founded by Brian and Derica.  It includes this website, multiple YouTube channels, a members only VIP Club, multiple Instagram pages, Merchandise, a Facebook page plus oh so much more.  The goal is to introduce simple and natural methods of gardening, brewing, baking and cooking to a world wide audience.  With programming 5 days a week, their combined YouTube channels have over a hundred thousand subscribers and nearly seven million views as of this writing (August, 2020)

Founders Brian & Derica host City Steading’s flagship show which has changed over the years to fit the needs of viewers. Originally known simply as City Steading, it then became CS Brews after the infamous split which created the sister show CS Cooks. CS Cooks, then became CS Cooks and Grows.  With further rebranding CS Brews became City Steading Mead and More.  CS Cooks and Grows became City Steading Bread and Beyond which gave birth to a third channel City Steading Garden and Grows.  Now viewers can tune in to what truly interests them, be it brewing, baking, gardening or all three.  While education is the primary goal, entertainment follows close behind and Brian and Derica share their knowledge in a friendly and sometimes admittedly playful manner.  

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City Steading Mead and More offers new releases every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday.  Here Brian and Derica explore the world of brewing, share simple and natural recipes, talk in detail about specific brew related topics and give their opinion on tastings of their own creations as well as commercially made brews.  This is all done in a conversational style with a splash of humor.

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The City Steading VIP Club is a premium subscription service offering four degrees of membership.  Members enjoy exclusive content through the members only Facebook group as well as live shows and member only videos.  See what is happening behind the curtain.  Take a walk in the garden.  See what Brian is cooking. Meet the cats.  Who knows what you will see as a VIP.

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Bake with Brian every Thursday on City Steading Bread and Beyond.  Explore time tested baking techniques and recipes shared in a down to earth manner.  The focus here is bread but we won’t limit ourselves.  You’ll see pizza, pies, cake and condiments. Perhaps even a full dinner dish.  Keeping it natural, simple and fun is the goal.

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Cultivate your green thumb with the help of Derica every Wednesday on City Steading Garden and Grow.  Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just starting out you will find something of interest here.  Derica shares her experiences with traditional gardening, raised garden beds, the food forest concept, container gardening and hydroponics.  Find out all you need to know about specific plants, techniques and tools of the trade.

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