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Viking Blood Mead – What’s the Big Deal?

So what is Viking Blood anyway? It’s cherry mead, or cherry melomel. That’s all. This is a VERY old concept and not to be confused with Dansk Mjod “Viking Blod”, which is from the 1700’s and is hibiscus mead that is hopped and fortified with neutral spirits (yep, they do that, really). True Viking Blood Mead is from somewhere around the 1300’s, and the details […]

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What is Mead?

Easy. Mead is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey. Some call it honey wine, which is sort of redundant. There. That’s what mead is. We’re done here, and you can go about your business as usual. Or… are we? Bear with me here. Mead is fairly simple when viewed from the outside, but it becomes an onion or ogre as you delve deeper. It’s […]

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Vegetable Beef Bolognese Recipe

My recipe for making Vegetable Bolognese Sauce for Pasta. (It’s a fancy way of saying MEAT sauce!)

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My MEAD is too DRY or SWEET

I’m hearing this a lot lately so I thought, “Why not do a little article on dry and sweet meads?”. Then, I started thinking about it more, and it’s become somewhat of a rabbit hole, no, a dark hole. It’s sucking up everything and shooting it into the Gamma Quadrant. This topic is larger than it would seem yet, on the surface so simple. I […]

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How to Make a Super Simple Cyser – AKA Apple Mead

In today’s video I attempt to make a thousand year old drink in under 5 minutes.  I fail.  It took 11. Want to know how to make a Cyser?  Not sure what a Cyser is? Well, there’s mead, you know, Vikings, Egyptians, and pretty much all of our ancestors loved this stuff.  It’s a fermented alcoholic beverage made from honey.  Well, honey, water and yeast, […]

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Monday Morning, what to do first?

As the title suggests, it’s Monday morning, the bane of every 9 to 5’er’s existence.  The day the work week begins and life ends.  Well, living life, instead of being under the bootheel of Big Corp America and a boss who likely knows less about your job than you do, yet earns a higher income.  I digress. It’s Monday. Mondays are an unusual day in […]

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