Aluminum Soft Fruit Press

EJWOX 0.8 gallon aluminum wine or soft fruit press is ideal for pressing small soft fruits such as grapes, cherries, tomatoes, and berries. This 3 liter attractive fruit press is offered at an unbeatable price. Made from painted steel, the press features a removable straining basket that can be taken out for cleaning, and a wide stance for better stability. The fruit press has an extension tube for easy draining. You can make a lot of DIY juice at home with fun. You can also use it to press cheese with a filter bag.

Product Details and Features
Brand Name: EJWOX
Style No.: 1114
Colors: Silver
Product size: 12.6×11.8×14.6 inches
material: aluminum and stainless steel
FILTER BAGS not included.

Care Guide
1. Fruits need to be pulped before usage.
2. Please ensure that central spindle is fully tightened at all times.
3. Clean the press after completing your work with pressure washer hose and brush.
4. All moving parts should be lubricated regularly using food oil.

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This is the fruit press we have.  It is so cool looking!  But pressing fruit is a pain in the tookus.