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Organic Aphid Control at Home

Aphids, also known as greenflies or plant lice are tiny, less than 1/4″ long. They range in color from light green, black, white, brown. gray or yellow. They suck the sap of plants thus weakening and damaging them. They can also spread disease and viruses from plant to plant. They are usually found on the backs of leaves, bases of stems or on flower buds […]

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April 2018 Walkabout of the Garden

It’s that time, our monthly video update of the garden. So much more green!  A lot has changed, new plants, lots of sprouting, and chickens! We’ve added about 20 large pots to the gardening area, and included more vegetables, like yellow zucchini, spaghetti squash, more spinach, more bush beans, peas, lots of peas, more peppers, and more tomatoes!  We’re hoping for a great crop in […]

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New Stuff in the Garden!

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