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Salty Brew?

Salty Brew? Should you SALT your MEAD, WINE, CIDER and BEER? What happens if you add salt to your brew? We heard that adding salt can tone down a bitter flavor in your brew. Let’s find out how it works!

Not all salts are created equal, however! Typical “Table Salt” often has iodine or anti-caking agents added to it. This makes it unsuitable for brewing. Kosher Salt will full-fill the bill in a pinch, but doesn’t bring much more to the table. Sea Salt can be as varied as the bodies of water it is collected. This means this salt type can add a unique flavor addition along with the properties of salt alone. The additional minerals can also improve yeast health. Bonus! It is also important to consider your water’s base mineral content as this could be greatly enhanced with the right salt addition. Salt can balance the sweetness or sourness to enhance the underlying rich flavors of your beer, cider, mead or wine. So, what started out as an odd sounding addition became a rich pallet enhancer. Yay salt! That said, a little goes a long way. The idea is to use salt as a flavor enhancer rather than a flavor itself. So add just enough to avoid becoming too salty.

Salty Brew?

There is a history of adding salt to brews, particularly to beer. However, many have witnessed the joy of adding just a pinch of salt to wines as well. This benefit is often unintentionally created when pairing wine with salted food. The wine will seem fruiter and less tannic smoothing out and balancing the flavors.

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