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How to Make Mead

So you want to know how to make mead? It’s easy. Honey, water, and yeast (the yeast might already be in the honey). Done! Well, not quite. Sure, you can make mead that way, but it’s better to have a little knowledge behind you. You want to choose the right yeast for what you’re trying to do, the right amount of honey, select additions, the […]

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Organic Aphid Control at Home

Aphids, also known as greenflies or plant lice are tiny, less than 1/4″ long. They range in color from light green, black, white, brown. gray or yellow. They suck the sap of plants thus weakening and damaging them. They can also spread disease and viruses from plant to plant. They are usually found on the backs of leaves, bases of stems or on flower buds […]

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Can Wine and Mead be… HEALTHY?

Well… yes! So long as you do it right. Wine and mead contain probiotics just like kimchi and sauerkraut, and probiotics are incredibly important! So, as promised, here is the research I did in it’s entirety with links to the sources. This is also sort of the script I read from in the video. Of course, I don’t do scripts, so I sort of worked […]

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Homebrew for Health?

We’ve always said, “Brew like a Viking, not like a Chemist”. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. Let me explain. The whole “Viking Brew” concept is a good one, and I do believe in it. But there’s some things about it that I don’t think people realize. They almost never made mead with just honey and water. Like.. it wasn’t done. Honey was just the fermentable […]

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Spicy Metheglin Mead

Today we show a spicy metheglin mead recipe that Brian made years ago, and tweaked only recently. We even use some “forbidden” ingredients, lol. Metheglin is a mead made with spices and herbs. Their original use was as medicine, but, let me tell you, this doesn’t taste like medicine!

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Live Show News

Last night’s Live Stream was awesome, if I do say so myself. This one was just for the Back Room, Bejeezus and Plaid VIP Club Members, but, we are planning to do something for all the VIP Club soon, doing live shows more regularly, and maybe even doing something live public on YouTube. We need to get some gear set up before we do a […]

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Fresh new Look and some news!

If you’ve been to our web site in the past, you probably notice the fresh new look as of this morning. It was time. City Steading was founded in March of 2018 and I don’t think the site changed much since then! However, the CS Universe has grown, expanded, split, expanded again and split again! We’ve also changed the way the VIP Club works. It’s […]

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How to Ruin your Wine, Cider and Mead!

Seriously… don’t do these things!

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Why Make Cast Iron Pizza?

I love pizza. Derica loves pizza. Everyone loves pizza. Don’t love pizza? You can stop reading right now as the rest of this article will be about loving pizza, but not in some weird romantic way. A real life Cast Iron Pan Pizza Okay, now that that is out of the way. Sit back, relax, close your eyes and imagine the perfect pizza. Wait… keep […]

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Sometimes, you Just need something Simple.

Brian here… I recently started an Instagram account just for me (brian_citysteading). It’s of course City Steading related since, that’s what I do. City Steading isn’t just a YouTube Channel anymore, it’s a lifestyle choice. We don’t just make videos on it, we live it, by choice and on purpose. Sometimes, it gets a bit hectic and stressful, trying to keep to a publishing schedule […]

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