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If you’ve been to our web site in the past, you probably notice the fresh new look as of this morning. It was time. City Steading was founded in March of 2018 and I don’t think the site changed much since then! However, the CS Universe has grown, expanded, split, expanded again and split again!

We’ve also changed the way the VIP Club works. It’s no longer going to be Patreon based as that system really never fit what we needed very well anyway. We’re a set of YouTube Channels and a VIP Club for those members who want more than what’s included in the videos.

What’s in the VIP Club? More interaction with Brian and Derica, more content, and we tend to post random behind the scenes videos and you even get to see what Brian is making for dinner… fun, right? The interaction of that community is amazing. Right now there’s over 200 members and growing every day. It’s based around a Facebook Group so interaction is easy, sharing information couldn’t be simpler, and practically everyone uses Facebook.

To get in on the VIP, either click VIP CLUB in the menu, or click the image here….