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Two Warriors Meadery

Two Warriors’ Meadery is back in full production! Like a Phoenix, Two Warriors’ has risen from the ashes of their devastating fire. In celebration they sent us two of their newest creations; Mayhaw Madness and Blackberry BeauSoleil.

Mayhaw Madness and Blackberry BeauSoleil from Two Warriors’ Meadery

Who is Two Warriors’ Meadery?

Two Warriors’ Meadery is a veteran owned Louisiana Meadery. They focus on local ingredients to bring back to life historical recipes. Many times this combination gets the creative juices flowing to create something fantastic and new. One of these Mad Scientist inspirations won them a 3rd place Mazer Cup in 2017. They do not use artificial or chemical additives and focus on real fruit and spices along with a base of quality honey. Every bottle is numbered with a batch number so you can see where the honey and other ingredients for your purchase came from. A portion of every sale goes to local Veterans Charities as well. Make sure to visit their website to learn more and purchase your own sample of their delicious mead. http://www.twowarriorsmeadery.com/

Along with the mead they also sent us two hand crafted ceramic vessels from MudHeads pottery. Check them out at https://mudheadspottery.com

But wait, there’s more! We have worked with Two Warriors’ Meadery for a couple of years now and have been fortunate enough to sample many of their creations. Here are our previous reviews of their Meads.

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In summation, Two Warriors’ Meadery is a group of great people making fantastic Meads. We highly suggest you give them a try, or three. Skål!