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Is your Homebrew Unstable? Find out as we discuss stabilizing home brew such as Mead, Wine, and Cider. Stabilization means it won’t ferment any more. It’s a simple concept that has many ways to achieve it. Some need additional ingredients, some are just a method. All of them can bring stability to your homebrew!

Is your Home Brew Unstable?

As we further explore the topic of stabilizing home brew we touch on Fortification. Fortification is when you raise the ABV (alcohol by volume) of your home brew by adding another alcoholic beverage with a higher ABV, such as a distilled spirit.

Formula for Fortification: To calculate the ABV after fortifying, you take the first liquid in ounces (or ml) and multiply by the ABV%. Then take the second liquid in ounces (or ml) and multiply that by the ABV%. Add those numbers together as well as the volumes (keep it ounces or ml). Then you divide the total of the ABV% numbers by the ounces of volume.

An example: We have 20 ounces of 10% ABV Mead. We add 5 ounces of 50% ABV Spirit. That gives us 20×10=200, and 5X50=250. Added together we have 450 and 25 ounces total. 450/25=18, so tht’s 18% ABV.

This works for specific gravity just as well as ABV.


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